5 Tips in Choosing The Perfect Phone For You

Choosing the perfect phone is quite harder than you think. You don’t want to purchase a phone with features you rarely use right? That would just be an enormous waste of money, and you don’t want that. So here are a few tips for you so you can find that perfect phone that will meet your needs but still not break your savings. Follow these tips on choosing the perfect phone for you without getting overhead with your budget at phones ltd.


1. Before you buy a phone, make a list of all the features that you want to be included in your phone. This is pretty much very basic. Cell phones are mainly used for calling and texting, but there are also more features available due to the high technology now? Most phones have even expanded their features as to that of cameras and music players; most phones have upgraded. Some phones in the market have mp3 players, cameras, recorders, video players, pdf readers for e-books, TV phones, wifi phones and others. So make a list of the features you want on the phone and stick to that.


2. It’s best that you go to a store to look at the phones yourself rather than just looking at phones from a catalog or the internet. By doing so, you can get a feel of the phone, handle it yourself before you decide to buy it. Get a feel of the phone on your hands and see if you are comfortable with it? Is it too big or bulky? Too heavy? Then move on to the keyboard and the display. Look at the LCD screen and the menus. Is the lighting good? Is it user-friendly and easy to navigate? Is the keyboard soft to touch or hard? Check the buttons and other accessories on the phone, are they all functional? Is the keypad too small, do the buttons or scrolls respond to a soft touch? Check all the exterior features on the phone, take note of the programs and functions.


3. Compare prices. There is no need spend extravagantly on your phone, if your phone is just a fashion accessory then it’s up to you. Buy a phone that is in range with your budget so that you won’t get too short on everything else. Purchase a phone that meets your requirements. Make sure that the phone price fits within your budget. Remember this, mobile phone prices constantly change through the months, especially in holidays and sales events. You can wait for the next big sale to help you save more.


4. Ask which accessories are included when you purchase the phone. Of course, the necessary accessories incorporated when buying a mobile phone is a charger and battery, but others may include a headset, a cable for transferring files, a leather casing or antennae. If all the other accessories are part of the deal, then you might find yourself a great bargain. On the other hand, if you have to buy them separately, then it’s additional cash out the window.


5. Always check for the phone’s warranty. This ensures that you will not spend a dime if your phone breaks down within the warranty period as long as it’s not damaged or done harm to in purpose. This way, you can get a replacement when the phone broke down within the period. Be clear about the warranty and the scope of service of the phone before you purchase it.

Always do some checking, looking and handling before you purchase a phone. It helps to read reviews about the phone if users tend to experience a lot of problems with a phone then better move on to the next model. Make a wise decision when buying a phone, since you don’t want to spend a great deal on something that you can’t even get pass through the main screen due to its complex features.